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4 Video Games That Help Me Get Through High Pain Days

Over the last two years I’ve had to say goodbye (or hopefully just see-you-later) to some of my favorite hobbies. Struggling with chronic pain and fatigue can be so disabling and leaves many of us having to alter the ways in which we spend our time. Before I fell out of remission, I spent the majority of my time outdoors. Now that I am housebound, video games have become a huge part of my life and has helped me through the worst of days. Here are 4 games that I recommend playing.

Animal Crossing

Nintendo released Animal Crossing just as the pandemic hit and quickly became everyone’s favorite way to spend their time during lockdown. It’s the perfect game to play if you own a Switch. I recommend this game to anyone who struggles with brain fog or chronic fatigue. You can fish, go swimming, dig up fossils to donate to the local museum, hangout with some of the most adorable villagers, and even craft fun DIY items to customize your island. The best part about this game is the freedom you have in how you choose to spend your time. It’s easy on the brain, and is great distraction from pain.

Skyrim/Elder-Scrolls Online

Skyrim and Elder-Scrolls Online is essentially the same world, the only difference is that one you can play online with friends and the other is solo. Skyrim is a beautiful, open world RPG. Whether it’s battling Forts, scavenging for loot or taking smaller quests from locals, this game really gives you the ability to choose whatever you want to make of it. If I’m having a particularity rough brain day, I’ll just adventure through forests and enjoy the world. I cannot express enough pretty this game is. It’s a perfect way to escape reality for a little while.

Tip: You also have the ability to download mods to enhance your gameplay experience. I highly suggest looking through them.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is definitely one of my absolute favourite games that I only just stumbled upon six months ago, despite it’s popularity and being around for over five years. DBD is an online match-making survival game with two separate settings to choose from: Killer mode or Surviver mode. If you choose to play survivor, you must repair generators and open the escape gate whilst hiding or being chased by a killer. If you play as the killer, your mission is to chase survivors, hook them, and ultimately try to get each survivor out before anyone escapes. I personally love the wide range of survivors and killers you get to choose from in this game, and the freedom you game in creating a personalized build with all of the different skills and abilities each character possesses.


If you’re into first-person shooter games I highly recommend this game. Destiny is an online, multiplayer first person shooter taken place in space. You can travel from planet to planet, killing different enemy life-forms that reside on those planets for Glimmer (a form of currency) or sometimes even getting new items or weapons. You can also play an online team death-match called Crucible as well as accepting quests that pertain to the seasons storyline, or just daily bounties. Overall, my favorite part about this game is exploring the beauty in the planets The Dreaming City or Nessus.

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