Ankylosing Spondylitis in the Mix....

Many times we really look at the other things that go on in our body. This came to my attention when I got a sharp pain in my leg. I know I could play the guessing game of what I thought it might be. However, I choose not to do that and go visit my primary care Dr.

Living with multiple conditions

I started out with what I will call a very little pimple type sore on my leg. You would need a microscope to see it. It was literally that small.

I have several different diseases: type 2 diabetes, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, RA, scalp psoriasis.

I'm sitting in the chair in the Dr's office and my Dr. looked at me basically saying we needed to get blood labs done because there's so much in the mix.It ended up being a bacteria infection.

I say all this to say, when we have multiple situations going on, especially when pain is involved,I think for me it gets confusing and you want to know whether one thing is related to the other.

Pain in your leg when walking

We all know that sometimes our gait ability can be affected with spondylitis. I've had many times where the pain has been awful. It's like that one joint will stop you in your tracks. I love walking and try to do it on a regular basis. I know that when I have bad lupus flares it can be pretty bad.

I take my medication but don't know how these diseases are mixing up when the pain level gets way up there. Some days when I'm getting up in the morning I have a stiff back, real painful shoulders, painful legs and it is like everything is coming together doing its own thing.

Different diseases or multiple diseases have to affect each other.So many of them I notice in relaxing, what works for one will work for the other one.

I love heating pads and I love the patches and they truly give me relief for whether it's my lupus, spondylitis, RA. It helps with the joints in giving them relief. I would have never thought a small pimple would cause so much pain and produce the swelling that it did.

Living through the pain

As I mentioned earlier, bacteria can affect every part of our bodies. I recall having a spinal tap done. I thought it was very painful but it was necessary at the time. They were looking to make sure there was no infection. I now see my sickness as one could be related to the other.

I know spondylitis is in the mix. It mixes with my migraines, and these migraines can be very horrific at times. I continue to work on my whole self and do what is needed for body healing in every part of the body.

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