Hi, I'm Michele! 32 Active - Alive - ASwarrior

Hi there! My name is Michele and I’m 32 years old. I was diagnosed finally, after living with it for what I presume most of my life, at age 26.

Not only did I have an unruly list of symptoms, but I also had the MRI and bloodwork to confirm. Every day I wake up wondering what that day will hold as far as energy and pain levels go, but I still wake up with a positive outlook and try to seize the day, and not let the day seize me. It’s a constant battle.

AS is a daily challenge

I have allergic skin reactions a lot and fatigue like crazy. I have dealt with stomach issues and entire body pain.

I’m an avid biker and hiker, as well as a gym/ yoga goer. I have changed my diet more times than I can count, and continue striving towards a better tomorrow via all-natural health regimens.

Cheers to all AS warriors

I have been on and off the meditations (4 now) for the last six years but finally decided it was time for a break and took matters into my own hands.

We shall see how that goes... wishing everyone the best, health, hope, and happiness.

Cheers, you’re fellow AS warrior

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