Falling, again!

To my sisters and brothers who comprise the warriors here, I thought I would share my latest story.

I have had ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years. I have chronic fatigue which has been discussed here. Still, I make every attempt to cook, clean, do laundry, etc. Until this year, I managed fairly well. AS, however, is still in control.

Falling led to a new diagnosis

My latest issue is falling. It seems to happen out of nowhere, but I realize that I have not yet arrived at the stage of acceptance. So far this year, I sprained my wrist, sprained one ankle, and most recently, fell so hard that my head bounced five times. After going to the ER this time, I was told that I have microvascular ischemia. This can lead to brain conditions, dementia and/or strokes.

This is not to say that all those with AS or RA will face these issues. My sincere hope is that by sharing this with you, you will slow down and be cautious.

Learning my limits

In many ways, I brought this on myself because my ego got in the way. I have never learned to ask for help or to simply slow down. My PCP wants me to get a walker, and I'm meeting with her tomorrow.

Balance, or lack of it, is yet another issue we need to be aware of. After raising four children on my own and having a prestigious career, I thought I was Super Woman. AS has taught me that I am not. Please heed my warning and slow down if you're a type A personality like I am. I have truly learned the hard way and fear for my future. Please, go slowly and ask for help when you need it. I wish I had.

My very best to all,
Cher D

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