Availability of TNF Medications After 65

I was diagnosed almost 15 years ago with AS. After I finished with my denial and trips to the ER, I began treatment with Humira and methotrexate for repeated uveitis. I successfully controlled my AS with minor flares for those years, until I retired, then it all has gone wrong!

Medicare in the US does not cover Humira with copay assist after your private insurance ends. You have to be almost penniless to get help. So, no more Humira unless I pay a $2,065.00 per month.

Switched to Remicade infusion but after 8 infusions I live in a flare up. I have been on steroids and also got a shot of prednisone. I always continue to flare up. My Rheumatologist said she has nothing else to offer, so she prescribed Sulfasalazine to help. Fingers crossed.

Finally, Congress will allow Medicare to negotiate with certain drug companies, but I believe we must wait until 2026!!

Supposedly a biosimilar will become available in July 2023, but I won't hold my breath.

It has been a very frustrating journey, this is just mine.

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