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Medical Help and Medications in 2022

I have had AS since I was 30 years old. It has been 40 years already! My pain mainly manifested in my lower back (sacroiliac). I was living in a college town at the time and the Dr. that diagnosed my AS sent me to a good PT.

He was great and told me to keep moving because the more I sit the worse it will be. I took this to heart and started doing serious cycling. It was a huge help and I made good friends. Now fast forward, I find myself in my 70s, and my daily pain has increased a great deal. I started regularly taking Naproxen which seemed to help.

I avoided taking Humira, because of the horrible side effects and the unimpressive views of people who are on it. Six months ago, I decided it wasn't helping and stop taking. After being off of it for 2 months, I started getting more pain and GI issues with pain, gas, and bloating. I went back to my rheumatologist asking about different options and all the things I had read about the new Jak inhibitors or IL-17 biologics. She treated me like a know-it-all "Google Dr."

I am stuck with not having a rheumatologist that is current on new medications for AS. I either have to go back on Naproxen (which will make GI issues worse) or go back on Humira (which I feel is old technology and not hugely effective.)

There are other rheumatologists in town but none of them are taking new patients. Also there are long waits to get and see anyone.

I really appreciate organizations like this one that keep current on latest medical practices and new medications for AS. They are so important for people like me.

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