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Alternating Hip Pain: Is There Any Immediate Relief?

I am currently on sulfasalazine only. My pain started on the left side and miraculously vanished a day. The next day pain started on the right side which lasted for 6 months. Now I am starting to have pain on the right side.

  1. Hello there!

    I experience alternating pain, too. This happens with my hips as well as my SI joints. For the first few months of having AS, I had pain exclusively in my left SI joint. Then, one day, I suddenly felt it on the right side. Now, it switches back and forth randomly - sometimes both at the same time!

    The only thing I can recommend for hip pain are specific stretches and topical creams like BioFreeze or Voltaren. The cooling sensation of BioFreeze helps my hip pain. However, I know that's not a solution.

    Have you and your rheumatologist considered other medication options?

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