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Diagnosis Without an MRI?

Has anyone gotten a diagnosis of AxSpa without an MRI?

  1. Thanks. Clinical signs have been there for decades.

    1. ,
      Diagnosing AxSpa can be pretty challenging as there is no definitive diagnostic test.
      Doctors may rely on a combination of things, including symptoms, medical history, family history, X-rays and MRIs, as well as blood tests.
      Many of our community members have shared their diagnostic journeys, including any or all of the above-mentioned. I do hope some will join the conversation here.
      In addition, I'm sharing this article that explains the diagnostic process in greater detail:
      Wishing you all the best, Doreen (Team Member)

  2. Hello - getting a diagnosis by way of MRI is one path to approach. I have had such terrible joint pain, enthesitis and pelvic pain that my physician already knew I had one form of spondyloarthritis. He only sent me for an MRI to see how much damage was done and as a tool to aid in receiving biological medications for treatment. Here's a link to an article that explain better. Wishing you well - Rebecca (team member)

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