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Has AxSpa affected your mental health? What has helped you cope?

May is Mental Health Month. There is a direct connection between emotional and physical health. Having a chronic illness is associated with increases in depression and anxiety, which can then lead to more physical health problems.

It is totally normal to experience mental health struggles with a chronic illness. Tell us how living with AxSpa has affected your mental health. Have you found anything that brings you peace? Share below!

  1. Such a great topic to discuss. I have struggled with my mental health for a few years now. Some of the things that have helped me cope is, keeping busy i love to dance so I try to Dance everyday even if it’s for 60 secs there’s something about music that brings me joy. I also take a self care day every weekend and just pamper myself all day. At night I turn on my Himalayan Salt lamp and I stretch with relaxing sound wave sounds. I hope this can help someone else who is struggling! Sending you all love and light 💙💙 Nadine (Community Member)

    1. Hello and everyone here,
      Such an important topic to discuss! And we have lot of awareness to raise in May about AxSpa and Mental health 😉
      My diagnosis shook me a great deal few years ago and it took me some time to realize that I needed to address my mental health on top of my physical health. Once I got my physical symptoms under control, I was still struggling, fatigued and with low mood. I then decided to look into ways to get better mentally and emotionally. I knew part of my answers about how to live better with Axspa was in the management of my mental health. Like others, when things are tough, experiencing flares and other things triggering symptoms, if I let it set and do nothing, I feel my level of stress going up and my mood going down quite quickly. So I have learned over the years to be ready for the potential flare or set back, and in my toolbox not only some medications and alternatives are there but also ways to lift my mood, feed my soul, and relax my mind. I like meditation, sound healing, listening to music and move gently to it, walking in nature, spending time with animals. I also do artistic activities which I think help me to process things and express struggles, as well as being equipped to make something out of the difficulty of living with AxSpa sometimes, so writing, singing, crafting, playing music, all these can be done at home and nourish me so I feel a sense of fulfilment and pleasure even if I have to stay put for a while. These ways to look after my mental state, my emotional state, and feed my spirit became part of my self care routine. In a way, I am glad I had to search for these and discover the benefit I could get by doing those things. My life is richer now and I am more resourceful.

      1. My mental health is definitely affected. When I am in too much pain to function the depression and anxiety creeps in. I get angry at family member which is a new thing and very disturbing. I do the adult coloring when having a bad day or paint when I am not. What helps is belonging to this group where I can read that others have the same experiences. Support is really key to those with chronic illnesses. I have being struggling with this for 25+ years and getting weary. Thank you everyone for sharing.

        1. Hi @CommunityMember76,

          Thank you for sharing with us on how real this disease can be and affect us. I think it is normal to everything you are feelin, as you been going through so much. Being in pain all the time can really affect you in so many ways. I thought I was the only one always feeling angry. You are trying your best and you are doing your best. Sending you hugs and some positive vibes, Nicky (Community Member)

        2. I am so glad hear you have found this community supportive and helpful. This is why we are here for. You are not alone. Sending you hugs and hope you are having a great weekend. Nicky (Community Member)

      2. oh yes, it has truly changed my life. I find that I'm quick to anger especially when in pain, mental confusion is annoying to me and my husband who forgets that is a symptom of AS. SO I take each day by the minute.sometimes the depression , brain fog or anxiety creeps up on me without warning and I find I have to take a break from my work and when it gets too bad lie down and listen to music specifically for anxiety and depression, that helps a lot I also take an herbal tincture. So this is what works for me for Now.
        Blessings ❣️

        1. Sorry to hear AS has affected your peace and tranquility, @Roots77. You've given us some great coping techniques when it comes to being overwhelmed by chronic illness. I find music and sipping herbal tea helps me greatly. Thx for sharing - Rebecca (comm advc)

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