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What symptoms of AS do you experience?

Chronic, long-term back pain is one of the most commonly reported health problems in the United States. Not surprisingly, back pain is also the most reported symptom by people living with axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA).

Other symptoms may also occur with axSpA, such as uveitis, fatigue, psoriasis, heel, shoulder, foot, and other joint pain.

  1. Rib pain is awful. Bowel inflammation. Pain after eating. been tested for every possible stomach issue, I don't have anything else. Foot pain. Shoulder pain.

    1. brain fog and fatigue

      1. ,
        These are probably 2 of the most talked about symptoms in this community. May it provide a bit of comfort knowing you are not alone. ~Doreen (Team Member)

    2. Pressure and inflammation in my eyes. Both knees feel as though someone is stabbing them when I walk. Upper, mid and lower back pain. Hips feel frozen. The list goes on and on….

      1. Fatigue. Burning sensation on the soles of my feet, shooting pains down my legs, ankles and on top of my feet as well as in my joints (finger joints, elbows and knees). I also get migraines. Does anybody else experience these symptoms?

        1. I also experience migraines usually when I get Uveitis in my eyes

        2. - Thanks for sharing a view into your journey with AxSpA. I wanted to send you a link. You are not alone. I hope you get some relief soon. Rebecca (team member)

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