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Have you had your booster vaccine?

I'm getting my third vaccine tomorrow! I'm hoping that I'm not as sick as I was with the last two.

I would love to hear your experiences if you've had the third vaccine.

Ali (Community Member)

  1. Best of luck, Ali. Please keep us updated on your health. Rebecca

    1. I got my third a couple of weeks ago. I had two Pfizer but my third was Moderna - I had a choice but the nurse suggested that Moderna had slightly better coverage as a booster for us.

      I regret my choice ! It knocked me down - I had no problems with Pfizer but with the Moderna I spent the next day absolutely exhausted. I got up and had coffee and then called in to work and lay in bed, felt like crap, felt like I weighed 300 pounds. 1 in 100 get lymph node swelling in the armpit, got that too - very sore to move my arm over that lump for a few days !

      Anyway, glad I got it, more coverage - but any more boosters & I'm going back to Pfizer. FWIW, I never react to immunizations...just had my flu shot.

      1. @Ali Long How did it go with your booster? Hope it went well and your feel good. Wishing you well today.

        Nicky (community member)

      2. Oh man do I understand the side effects from Moderna vaccines. I recvd both Moderna vaccines and was down and out for a good 10 days with severe headache, body aches, and felt like 300 lbs. All I could do was sleep. I recvd my flu shot, but am not due for the booster until Jan - I may get the Moderna again just because it is plentiful in my area. I will go with whatever is close to me - I won't be picky. But ... I hope that I don't get the terrible flare I did with the vaccines. Hope my body has adjusted to the ingredients and such. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hoping you have gotten past the worst of symptoms and are on your way to better days. Warmly ~ Rebecca (comm advc)

    2. Hi

      I got my booster vaccine last Friday and didn't experience any real side effects except a bit of a sore arm for a few days.

      I got the Pfizer jab all 3 times and each time I was lucky to get away with just that.

      How did yours go? I hope it went a lot better than the previous two and you weren't feeling too sick afterwards!

      All the best,
      James (Community Member)

      1. Hey James!

        That's great to hear that you've had your three vaccines with little side effects!

        Luckily I felt fine after my booster! I got Moderna for my first two but my booster was Pfizer. So maybe my body reacts better to the Pfizer vaccine!

        I just had a sore arm, a headache for a day and I was a little more tired than usual. Other than that I was all good!

        Hope your keeping well,
        Ali (Community Member)

      2. Maybe Pfizer is a bit more AS friendly as it has been pretty gentle to me every time!

        I hope those things didn't last for too long and you are feeling yourself again!

        All the best,
        James (Community Member)

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