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What biologics have you tried and how have they helped?

Please remember that everyone is different, and what works for some may not work for others. Please respect everyone's experience and their decisions to try or not try certain medications.

  1. Because I also have Multiple Sclerosis, I can't take any other biologic than Cosentyx. Maybe the Jak might work, now, but I haven't seen any info on that. It has helped with the pain, hugely. I'm also hoping it will stop my spine from further fusing. It seems that when the inflammation from AS is lower, the MS seems more in control and that makes sense since MS is also an autoimmune disease.

    1. Hello! Living with both ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and multiple sclerosis (MS) sounds incredibly taxing, and I can only imagine the impact it has on your daily life. It really is positive to hear that Cosentyx has been helpful in managing your AS pain, which in turn has helped your symptoms of MS. Exploring the potential benefits of Jak inhibitors for your condition could be promising, but it's understandable that you'd want more information before considering any changes to your treatment plan. Have you had a chance to discuss the possibility of trying Jak inhibitors with your healthcare provider? I have used Xeljanz for the past year and it has really helped. I send this which has been helpful for me. It's pretty scientific so hang in there. It may help and you could take some of the info found to your treating physician and discuss it.

      "Janus kinases (JAKs) are cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinases that mediate the induction of STAT proteins, which then activate the transcription of various pro-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. INFγ or TNFα). JAK inhibitors, such as tofacitinib, ruxolitinib or baricitinib, have shown efficacy in the treatment of several inflammatory conditions and are approved for the treatment of PsO, RA and UC.161–163 In general, these small molecule inhibitors are less effective than biologicals, yet have proved to be advantageous because of their oral/topical administration and overall cost-effectiveness.164 Although there have been conflicting results for JAK inhibitors in EAE models and MS patients,165,166 the JAK/STAT pathway is critically involved in MS pathophysiology,167 thus JAK inhibitors may also become available for MS in the future."

      Hoping this helps. Wishing you a wonderful February and hoping you are managing well. Rebecca (community moderator)

  2. I was on Humira first for about a year. Helped almost immediately, but after a few months started having back to back infections. Next tried another tnf (can’t remember the name). Now on Cosentx a couple months and it has just kicked into high gear and is helping a lot. Did just get over a bad viral upper respiratory infection, but may be because it is going around right now. Hoping this is not the start of more!

    1. OMGsh - I too came down with a URI. Just now kicking it. Dealing with back-to-back infections can indeed be tough, and it's positive that you've found a treatment that is helping. I hope your recovery from the recent viral upper respiratory infection continues smoothly, and that you experience continued improvement with your current medication. We are rooting for your health and wellness. Rebecca (community moderator)

  3. It took a long time for me to get therapeutic on my biologic (Remicade). At one point I had to come off it because of TB exposure, and it was then I could see how it was really helping me. I hope your surgeries go well and your pain goes away!

    1. It's understandable that the journey with biologics like Remicade can have its ups and downs, especially when faced with challenges like TB exposure. I'm glad to hear that you were able to recognize the positive impact of Remicade on your condition and you show improvement when on it. It means a lot that you shared that with others in the community - Rebecca (community moderator)

  4. Humira has worked amazingly for me. I haven't had a flare up since October 2021!

    1. It's alway refreshing to hear good news - so glad the Humira is helping to quell your pain and fatigue. Wish you the best of 2024 - Rebecca (community moderator)

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