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What household chores or tasks tend to be the hardest due to AxSpA?

AxSpA can affect mobility, bring great pain, and cause flares that make keeping up with tasks or chores challenging. What household chores or tasks tend to be the hardest due to AxSpA?

  1. I used to have a lot of trouble hoovering as the way my apartment is set out, it would often require a lot of bending and leaning over things to get it all done. But I recently invested in a thinner, lighter weight and longer vacuum that has really helped me out!

    1. Sounds like what I recently purchased, lighter and longer, so I wasn't bending over. And, cordless so I am not tripping over the cord. (pet peeve) Great advice, James!

    1. For me definitively cleaning the floor. I can cope with doing the dishes or ironing (although I don't do that much anymore as it seems 'modern' clothes don't need it!), cooking or dusting are ok too. But being curved over the floor to hoover or mop is a killer for my back, I hate it more and more! I am getting close to hire someone to do it for me! Of course, I spread the chores I mentioned over few days, and it takes several days for me to clean entirely my flat. I used to do that in one go weekly before my diagnosis...! That is not the case anymore, and quite frankly I don't want to use my precious energy doing that kind of activities. So I need to change that for sure.

      1. hi! How interesting! I guess we are all different with our symptoms and different things might be challenging or satisfying. But don't get me wrong, I don't like doing the dishes! 🙁 My previous flat had a dishwasher and that became my best friend, lol! Now I have moved, I am without one and it's hard, I miss it... Now I am not familiar with the anti-fatigue mat ! I will look into it, that sounds interesting. Take care!

      2. you're right! And I think I have been postponing asking for help for cleaning for too long now. I am reaching my limit and I need to do something about it. Thank you for your support 😀 Take care!

    2. Because of my full body pain to include enthesitis, sacroiliitis, spine pain, muscles spasms - it is difficult to perform any chore. I do it to remain mobile but modify with the use of tools and aids. I also split up days I do chores. Rebecca (community advocate)

      1. Hey Rebecca! What kind of tools and aids fo you use for your household chores? I'd love to learn!

        -Steff, Team Member

      2. Hey there @SteffDiPardo!

        Finding ways to modify chores at home for me is imperative bc of my many surgeries for AS/AxSpA. Here is a link to a site on a different Health Union Community that may help -

        I use a floor scrubber (flat-headed mop) to clean shower walls, sides, and floor because it is difficult to bend down or be on my hands and knees to clean the floor of the shower or tub or windows (My neck is fused and can't use my arms for long periods of time due to nerve damage). It works great. An example -

        I also use a low-sitting stool when I need to clean lower cabinets in the kitchen or spills on the rug or brush the dogs so I am not bending down and injuring my lumbar/pelvis area. I even use a shower stool when they need a shower or bath - getting down to their level makes all the difference to my back and hips.

        Because I have problems standing for long periods of time from several ankle surgeries and knee problems I have a foldable stool in/near the kitchen that I pull out and rest on while doing dishes or cooking at the stove.

        I have had recent thoracic spinal surgery and my neck is fused. I choose not to pick up items heavier than about 15 lbs. My laundry basket is on wheels (try putting your basket on a wide rolling stool). I roll it to the washer and dryer. I also keep the basket up higher so I do not bend as much.

        Although modifying movements, I remind myself that I need to keep mobile so I don't overdo modifications in the home, just those that may be detrimental to my body and the surgeries I have had. Hope this helps. Rebecca

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