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Have you applied for or been denied social security or disability income?

If you are living with axial spondyloarthritis, you may be eligible for disability or social security. What has your experience been like applying for disability? Have you received denials? Who has helped you in navigating SSDI or denials?

  1. This is a step I plan to take in the next year - applying for social security/disability. As I come to terms accepting my AS illness and becoming fully aware that it is not an illness that I will eventually overcome, I debate daily on applying for benefits. I hear of the horror stories of denial after denial and at times feel that I am not that bad or "that bad off physically," but in reality I could use the help. I do plan on using a lawyer when I do apply - anyone have experience with a lawyer or firm specializing in SSD? What are some tips that will keep me from having this turn into a horrifyingly-long undertaking and experience?

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