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How do you stay grounded during stressful times?

The link between stress and the inflammatory response means it’s crucial to find ways to destress in stressful times. Share your best tips for staying grounded when life gets overwhelming. Whether it's through mindfulness practices, gentle exercise, connecting with loved ones, or indulging in a favorite hobby, every strategy is valuable!

  1. I’m trying to get an evaluation at mental health clinic because I can’t de stress rite now. So hoping this helps. I can’t get it lower.

    1. I’m doing a little better. They can’t get me in until late August. But I know how to ground myself it’s just awfully hard at times. I’ve had 4 inflammatory responses this past year. It feels like I’m developing PTSD from my health. Scared that something else is going to happen!!!
      Thank you for checking on me

    2. ,
      I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts.
      Please keep us updated.
      My best, Doreen (Team Member)

  2. Exercise! Whatever level I can tolerate is usually helpful.

    1. It is said, exercise is medicine. Thanks for sharing your strategy for managing this painful and exhausting disease. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (team member)

    2. ,
      That's awesome!
      It's great that you keep moving regardless of what level it may be.
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

  3. Videogames help me to destress

    1. Taking the time to reduce stress looks different for everyone. Videogames are a wonderful way to get your mind off managing this disease and focus on an activity you truly enjoy. Hope you are feeling well currently. Rebecca (team member)

    2. ,
      I love that, what a great way to de-stress!
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

  4. rest a lot, use rubs, Tylenol, occasionally i have to take ibuprofen.

    1. It truly sounds like your AxSpA toolbox is fully stocked. Easing SpA-related pain certainly helps to lessen life's stress. Awesome strategy. Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

    2. ,
      Have you found a specific rub that provides some relief?
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

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