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Is it time to change Dr?

Hello all you wonderful people. I’m new here. I hope your pain is ok today. I’ve been with pain management for 16 years now. Main issue is AS with all the other lovely issues that occupy it…fibro, nerve damage. Been on Percocet 7.5 4 a day . For yrs. All of a sudden/ a new dr refills my script today, at a lower dose.
I have an appointment with my regular dr next month. This new dr is the head guy who is said to be going off the deep end and taking all his patients off meds.
You cannot get through on the phones and when on hold , get hung up on after 5 min wait.
I’m calling to get my records and leaving this practice of course, but I am asking anyone if there is anything else I should do to protect myself before I completely discharge myself from this practice. Thanks for any help. Im so glad to have found this website. I hope to make some friends here. Im very lonely and scared. Im taking care of my husband and 2 teenagers. I have to be healthy. Im on disability now, but I think my husband will not be working much longer and I will need to go back to work. Thank you everyone. ❤️🥰

  1. People forget that doctors are a "service" industry. If you don't like the service you are getting, find a new one. I make use of all the reviews that patients post to the internet when comparing doctors...

    Pain management clinics often switch to "injections", especially since the Opioid's are being severely curtailed. Injections can bring in much more money to clinics than dispensing prescriptions. And of course, each doctor has their own personal bias on how you should be treated, regardless of how it affects you and your life!

    1. Love this so much!!! Thank you for sharing with us. This is all so important to know for our journeys.

      Nicky (Team Member)

  2. Hey ,

    It sure sounds like changing doctors was the right thing to do! That is outrageous that you are hung up on five minutes after trying to get in contact with them!

    Did you successfully manage to get hold of all of the right information and documents to change practices? And how are things going with your new doctor?

    How have you been getting on since this post? Did you end up going back to work in the end?

    Wishing you all the best,
    James (Community Member)

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