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Keeping fit

Hi All, How do you continue to keep fit with AS?

  1. I am a long distance walker. It can take some time to build up my stamina, but I pop in some Celtic Rock, and listen to the next chapter of Zombies Run! and I find a course that won't let my turn back. When I am able, I can usually walk 3-5 miles. When I am feeling really good, I try to get as close to 10 as I can. Unfortunately, my recent move out to the country to a log cabin on a state highway has made easy access to walking tracks more difficult. But, if I can turn off my Spondy brain, walking has been my lifesaver. -Jed (Community Leader)

    1. Recently diagnosed with nr-axial AS. I am a recently retired phyaical therapist and never thought I would be dealing with this myself! However, I hope that my experience as a clinician will help me transition to this new world.

      For exercise, I lift light weights and do core strengthening every other day. I do something aerobic (walk, jog, bike, or swim) on the other days. Regardless of the activity that day, I spend a good 30 minutes stretching about an hour after I wake up, and I always do some gentle trunk rotation before getting out of bed in the morning.

      This group has been very informative.

      1. First get a hyperactive Cairn Terrier, then start going for walks to tire the little monster out, eventually you'll come to the realization that the dog has you so well trained, that you are now committed to walking every day, regardless of how you feel... Other than that, I have a Pilates machine that I use for stretching...

        1. For the summer I would walk, and swim in our pool while completing a round of exercises. My sister-in-law is doing them for her chronic illness and has taught me basic body strengthening in the pool. But ... now that fall is here, I have slacked - and the water is too cold. I will probably begin by stretching and checking out more yoga for AS videos and utilizing my stationary bike more. I hope everyone has a chance to get up and get moving through the pain; it can be difficult. Wishing everyone well. Rebecca (community moderator)

          1. Thankyou for your reply! I hope you are keeping well

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