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Have you found any exercises that help with your AxSpA symptoms?

Exercise, movement, or physical therapy are important parts of treatment for people living with AxSpA spectrum conditions. If you're able to, exercise and movement offer great benefits, including posture improvement, joint mobility, and chest expansion. Whether you're in the pool swimming laps or aqua jogging, or practicing breathing techniques for wellness, share below how you enjoy moving your body and how it impacts your AxSpA!

  1. Ju-jitsu and muay thay. Improved my mobility and feel like someone has sprayed me with wd40 after doing it for a while

    1. - It definitely sounds as if you are reaping the benefits and truly enjoying your sport. There's no doubt, a well-oiled engine runs smoother. We appreciate you joining in. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (team member)

  2. I find some stretches in the morning help get me moving in the morning. Stiffness and pain continue though, rest helps me for a bit. After the rest I start over and try for exercise/ water moving is best ( less pressure on back , hip joints) . Acupuncture/ dry needling therapy is wonderful if you can afford it. It’s Heavenly and great at resetting muscle tension injuries/ problems. It has worked for me several times with shoulders, hips, lower back . The help was different in each area and varied in number of treatments to work healing each area completely- worth all the therapy required to regain use of my left side of body again.

    1. Hello! It sounds like you have developed an all-inclusive approach to managing your ankylosing spondylitis symptoms. Incorporating morning stretches to ease stiffness and gradually transitioning into gentle exercises like water-based activities is a great strategy. It's wonderful to hear that these treatments have provided relief and helped reset muscle tension. And it's understandable that cost can be a barrier, but it's fantastic that you've found something that works well for you. Keep up the proactive approach to self-care. It seems to be the best avenue for you to take. Warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

    2. ,
      Thanks so much for sharing!
      I love all you are doing to help keep yourself moving and the AxSpA at bay.
      Sending you all my best, Doreen (Team Member)

  3. I have found that Yoga, especially, but even significant stretching or walking are now beyond me. They are all just too painful. Even simple house chores like doing the dishes does me in with pain, exhaustion, and - honestly - frustration and anger. But movement, any even minor movement (as much as tolerable) is vital to maintain mobility and other bodily functions. Tai Chi (again, as tolerable) is also helpful with maintaining mobility and balance (both sorely deteriorating).
    My docs have recommended water exercise, but even getting to any pool facility is a currently insurmountable obstacle, much less being able to prepare for its use. Perhaps a water exercise facility I can handle will be available at my PT (gotta check).

    1. Hi - Sorry to hear that you're facing such challenges with physical activities, including yoga, stretching, walking, and even simple chores. It must be incredibly frustrating and emotionally taxing. Chronic conditions like ankylosing spondylitis can indeed impact daily life in various ways. It's important to prioritize activities that work well for your current situation, and it's positive that your doctors have recommended water exercise, as it can be a gentle and effective way to stay active with ankylosing spondylitis. If your physical therapy facility has a water exercise option, that could be a more accessible and suitable solution for you. Hoping you find ways to keep moving. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (community moderator)

    2. I can relate so much to what you are feeling. I was doing good, but lately struggling again with everything you mentioned. Every simple thing can be so hard on the body bringing on more pain and exhaustion. I know it's so hard when feeling this way. I try to move slowly every morning with breaks. Since exercise has been impossible right now, I been doing some stretching and moving around the house as much as I can.

      If you can get to a water facility on the days you feel a bit less pain and fatigue, definet recommend. The water helps relieve all around the body. When I was able I find it was also helping with sleeping better.

      Sending you hugs,

      Nicky (Team Member)

  4. Yoga or stretching is my first option. Water excercises would be my second, except if I do one too many laps my back will hurt. Third is walking in moderation.
    I’ve tried lifting weights and doing situps but they haven’t worked great for my hips.

    1. Hi Monica! It's great to hear that yoga and getting in the pool can offer you some relief. How often in a week are you able to exercise or keep up with how you like to move? -Matt (Team Member)

    2. Sorry for the late reponse, just looking at it this day 🙁
      I try to at least do some exercise 4 times / week, and walking every day. Althought this past months yoga has been really painful for my back so I just stretch 🙁

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