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Muscle pain

I read a lot about back pain, but being newly diagnosed I'm confused about the tendon, ligament and muscle involvement. I haven't been started on meds yet and my primary complaint is muscles hurting particularly in my thighs. When I lie down, I can hardly lift my legs. Is this usual? Can anyone share insight?

  1. Hi , I also experience thigh pain as you've described it. It can be so troubling on top of all the other AS symptoms. I hope that starting the meds and treatments has helped you! Stay strong!

    1. What you describe about your thigh muscle being painful, especially when lying down reminds me of the pain I had in my hip last year. Have you had an x-ray done of your hip? Seen an orthopedic surgeon for examination of your hip? The pain I had went from the iliac crest (back of the pelvis) around the front, down into my groin area, and down the inner and front thigh. I was unable to pick my leg up even to get in the car. I eventually had my hip replaced because I had bone edema in my hip socket from inflammation from the axial spondyloarthritis. Not saying this is happening to you, but it is eerily similar to the pain you are describing. Rebecca (community advocate)

      1. Thank you, Jacqueline. I saw my rheumatologist today and he is starting me on Methotrexate with a Prednisone taper to get me through to the activation of methotrexate. Will be on folic acid, diclofenac as well. He thinks I have a good prognosis. I am so appreciative of this site and the kindness shown me.It helps ground me.

      2. I am hoping for progress towards relief for you! keep us updated if you are able. This community is here for you.

    2. Hi @Silverweave - Thanks for sharing where you are in your journey. I have what you describe as tendon ligament and muscle pain. It is enthesitis and related to my spondyloarthritis. It is inflammation at the insertion site of my tendons and ligaments where they connect to my bone. I have it mainly in my arms, legs and spine. When I do a particular repetative movment such as macrame or writing or typing, I am i severe pain for days following. I use several technique to help with the pain and discomfort such as hand braces or a rolling pin to the tendon in my leg to get it to release. Here is a site that my help you understand enthesitis. Best of wellnes fellow AxSpA'r. Rebecca (community advocate)

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