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What show or binge-worthy series has provided a good escape during a particularly tough time with AxSpA?

Share your favorite shows to pass the time, flares, or guilty pleasure watching. 😀

  1. Hi Matt. The U.S. Office is my go-to. It's wonderful. As an Englishman, I was slightly miffed to discover it is better than the UK version.
    My daughter had suggested I watch it and I resisted because I didn't think it could possibly match Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's masterpiece. How wrong was I? Here's a short example -

    1. For me, watching Bob's Burgers is always comforting. It's a good laugh and not too exhausting to watch.

      1. Hi Anna. Yes, I agree but I need to go back to it. Last time I watched it I laughed a lot. But then I head off someplace else and forget to take a look for weeks. Good recommendation. I hope you are keeping well.

    2. Oh yes that is a good topic! There's so much to watch!! I have been watching 'Call my agent' for a good laugh, 'This is us' of course, 'Heartland' which is comfy cheesy and full of horses so perfect when I am tired 😉 Money heist is very good, I can't wait for the next season, the Crown, Peaky Blinders, etc. The list is long...

      1. I loved The Crown. I thought it was excellent. I struggled a bit with Peaky Blinders but I am not sure why. I need to give it another go.
        Thanks for sharing. I've made a note of 'Call My Agent' too.
        Steve - Community Advocate.

    3. OMGsh - my specialty! I love A Discovery of Witches on AMC, Lock & Key on Netflix. I've heard 'It's a Sin' (HBO Max) is great but haven't gotten to watch it yet. Outlander and the Spanish Princess on Starz are good, too.

      1. I am with you on Outlander! I have watched it twice already, I am on my third time now...😉

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