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Traveling with medication?

We plan on traveling overseas in the holidays, but I'm struggling to figure out the best way to pack my medication - Forteo and Humira - both need to be refrigerated between 2 and 8c.

Forteo in particular cannot be in room temperature at all (unlike Humira), and I need to ensure they don't freeze (it'll be wintertime), but stay cool during the entire flight and commute home-airport-airport-hotel.

Does anyone have any tips or recommendations on brands for a specific cooler? I find a load of products focused on insulin pens, but not much mention of other medications that need to be in even cooler temperatures.

  1. Hi , I was able to purchase a travel container from the company that delivers my medication (Healthcare at Home - a UK based company). They had a variety of sizes depending on how long you plan to be away for. Unfortunately this pandemic put an end to my travel plans so I haven't had a chance to use it myself yet but maybe you could see if the people who arrange your medication delivery provide the same service?

    Hope you find something soon!

    All the best,
    James (Community Member)

    1. Rick, thank you so much! This is super helpful.

      1. Here is a pretty good site for ideas. I suggest keeping it with you at all times. I use these for insulin, and they work like a charm.

        Rick - moderator

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