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When it’s cold?

I try my hardest to keep warm.
I have good days and bad days.
Sometimes I don’t know what to do to keep warm.
I hate to disturb my partner from sleeping. I hate myself for tossing and turning in bed at night trying to get comfortable.
Does anyone else get all the itchy things?
I’ve lost my hearing in my left ear and it’s awful.
I live in the U.K. does anybody have any proposals as to help ?
I’ve tried CBD and im not on Biotin just simply quite a lot of Ibuprofen and I prefer not to take that

  1. Hello,
    How are doing these days? How did your appointment with the rheumatologist go?
    I had mine the other day and it went fine, AxSpa is under control thankfully 😀
    How are you feeling regarding the cold season now?
    I am also in the UK, in beautiful Scotland where it can get pretty cold. I think last Autumn was actually brutal compared to this Winter. We had some mild days beginning of this year. And now hopefully we are heading towards better temperatures and more sunlight!!
    Take care and keep us posted.
    Julie (team member).

    1. Because I live in a cold state, Wyoming, I realize I may not anticipate how weather is going to effect me, even if I look at my weather app. So, once October comes around I need to start to prepare. I have decided to buy more clothes so I can layer up. My secret weapon is long underwear! Cotton and wool are important for my battle with cold. As are heavier shirts and pants and warm socks. Sweeping, vacuuming and walking are also important to keep the blood flowing. Heating pads can help some, too. Lisa

      1. ,
        Great suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing.
        Stay warm. ~Doreen (Team Member)

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      1. Hey ,

        So sorry to hear that you have struggled a bit lately. I am in the UK too and it has been particularly brutal weatherwise lately - I have definitely struggled recently too!

        I have been surviving by taking long hot baths with epsom salts in to heat and loosen my body up a bit. I also find that doing it before bed helps tire me out a little bit more and helps me sleep.

        What kind of things have you tried so far?

        What kind of itchy things are you talking about, because I have noticed that my legs have been pretty itchy lately and I wasn't aware that maybe could be linked to my AS!

        Sending love and positive vibes,
        James (Community Member)

        1. Hi ,

          Sorry to hear that this has been a long ongoing issue for you and that this pesky disease wouldn't even leave your ears alone either!

          Epsom salts is a good shout I may try using mine a bit more, have you found anything else that has been helpful at all?

          It definitely takes incredible strength to keep fighting this awful condition, so definitely give yourself the proper you deserve!

          I hope that the trip to the rheumatologist goes well and it ends up being worth the wait!

          Wishing you a year full of blessings in 2024,
          James (Community Member)

        2. ,
          I hope your upcoming appointment will bring some answers and relief.
          Please keep us updated when you get a chance.
          ~Doreen (Team Member)

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