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What was your first AxSpA treatment like?

For many patients, getting diagnosed is an arduous journey and next steps in condition management are not always clear. What works for one person for treatment may not offer relief for another person. Exchanging stories and experiences can help readers navigate what's to come. Please share experiences you've had with choosing or using treatments for AxSpA, and perhaps consider the following questions:

  • What conversations did you have about treatment with your healthcare team?

  • How did you arrive to your treatment and how did you feel with it?

  • Did you continue with that course or are you on different treatment?

  • Why did or didn't that treatment make sense for you?

  1. I used Humira first, after YEARS of shoveling advil (like, 2-8 a day). I was on Humira for a few weeks until I got the shingles. AS was not clearing up. Doc took me off Humira. Still not on anything, and am considering Cosentyx.

    1. I was also on Diclofenac for some time, but it did nothing.

  2. My first treatment after diagnosis was steroid injects into my SI joints. That worked for about a month and a half and then wore off. Then I got started on Cimzia. I've had 2 injections and felt 99% better after the first one.

    1. I started Methotrexate 15mg/week 3 months ago. It had no effect whatsoever in my peripheric pain. My doctor increased the dose to 20mg/week and I had a mayor improvement but was incapacitated with nausea and anorexy. Now I’m getting the same 20mg but subcutaneous and I’m feeling not great but OK. Waiting for my Cimzia to arrive 😀

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