I’ve Been Doing Better

I realized I haven’t written an article in months. There are multiple reasons for that. I haven’t really had any new ideas for writing, nor have I felt motivated to. Partially because I’ve been doing better, health-wise.

What I’ve been up to

I started physiotherapy back in March, which pushed me a lot further than I expected. Every week my physiotherapist added more and more, which I definitely wasn’t ready for, but I liked the challenge.

I did my best to do all of my exercises for the full 5 weeks every day. Some days I would be too burnt out, so I would skip that day. But the majority of days I’d say I did the exercises.

After the 5 weeks were up, I kind of fell off of the stretches and specific exercises.

My exercising

I really wanted to get back into yoga, but I never had the motivation. With the weather getting warmer, I wanted to walk and bike more often. I love being outside, even if it’s in my backyard, so I just wanted to enjoy the fresh air.

I’ve been biking around once a week if possible, with more and more walking as the months have gone on.

I’ve been building up my tolerance for exercise slowly, and making sure to listen to my body when it needs rest. That’s always important in my life. Rest when you need to.

My personal life

I’ve been busy in my personal life as well. Trying to balance relationships and exercise has been tough and it’s taken up all of my time. Having a busier lifestyle than I had the past few years has taken a lot out of me!

I got so used to staying home because of COVID that I’m finally starting to get back to what life was before. Going out to the mall, going for walks, seeing friends, day trips! I’ve been a busy bee! I try to be out in nature as much as possible.

The fatigue

The fatigue still hits me, though. I’m on Remicade now which has made a huge difference in my life (it’s the reason I’ve been able to push myself so much). Fatigue comes and goes, it’s not as debilitating as it once was (thankfully), and I can somewhat manage it.

I know it’s coming when I’m busy for a day or two in a row. I’ve learned by now to expect the crash that comes with being active and outgoing. Learning my limits and when to rest has helped me immensely with this new lifestyle I’ve found myself in.

What I’m up to this summer

I’m going on my first trip since pre-COVID! I’ll be heading to LA to visit with my online friends I met during the pandemic on Twitch. I’m so excited! I also have a wedding and a cottage weekend to look forward to, as well as hanging out with friends and going out to eat, etc.

I suspect I’ll be busy until fall hits, seeing as I already have so many plans coming up. I hope I can find time and motivation to write more.

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