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I’m Experiencing Writer’s Block and Brain Fog Combined

Last updated: September 2022

I’m going through a lot this year, and that means my work ethic has sort of gone out the window. I’m experiencing some of the most brain fog I ever have, as well as the longest bout of writer’s block I ever have. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

What’s been going on

I’ve talked about this previously, but I just want to give a refresh to those who don’t remember, or who don’t know what’s been going on in my life in 2022.

I went through a breakup at the beginning of the year. It was really hard for me, as most breakups have been in my life, but this one was particularly hard. I was absolutely devastated and wasn’t okay until more recently. It took me months to get to a state of being able to even be okay by myself again.

From all of the stress and depression of this year so far, I also went through 8 weeks straight of GI issues. I was dehydrated twice and went to the ER. Those 8 weeks took a lot out of me and it was hard to do much of anything, let alone think about working.

I do have the luxury of living at home still, so I wasn’t on a total crunch for money, although of course, it’s always nice to have.

The brain fog

Brain fog has been my enemy these past 5 years. I feel the frustration from this symptom literally every day of my life.

Brain fog can be a symptom of so many things. Depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, and I’m sure the list goes on and on.

That’s why it’s always so hard to find where it’s coming from, or if it’s a little bit from everything I have.

I know a big factor in my brain fog this year has been the depression from the breakup. That one is pretty obvious. Since I was so deeply depressed for so long from it, it only makes sense that I was in a state of forgetfulness and confusion.

The writer’s block

I feel lucky to say that since I’ve been writing for work, I haven’t actually had too many bouts of writer’s block. At least none that have been this bad. It’s hard to go through. I’m sure so many of us have, and you feel my frustration.

Along with the brain fog, this whole work thing has felt nearly impossible this year. I just can’t even think about writing most days. I used to feel inspired a lot to write about my life and what I’ve been going through, but with the depression, that’s not been a thing.

It’s hard

I’ve really started to realize that so much rides on your mental health. So many things play into how your mind works and when it works and being depressed for so long is certainly one of those things.

It’s been one of the most challenging years of my life in terms of my work, but I’ve also had a lot of cool opportunities come up that don’t necessarily involve writing, so that’s been fulfilling as well!

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