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Is Anyone Having Success With Biologics?

I have had back pain since I was 16 years old. When in my early twenties I went to Orthopedic MD who took an xray on my upper back and determined that I probably injured my back at some point because he detected a calcium deposit and fracture in the lower cervical area of my spine. They also noted an abnormal curvature of the spine (dextroscololis).

He recommended sleeping on a piece of plywood under my mattress for firmness. Fast forward 50 years and I continued to have greater back pain in both upper and lower back some so severe that I couldn't even get out of bed without rolling out on the floor and pushing myself up with my arms and support from holding on the mattress.

More than AS

Sitting and walking became more difficult over the years, then standing and kneeling. I was diagnosed with diverticulosis in 2010. I had diverticulitis flares on several occasions and two required I be hospitalized for 4 days for recovery.

I had prostate cancer surgery in 2019 and now just diagnosed with bladder cancer with surgery in 2 weeks.

Pain on a 24 hour basis

Most every joint and muscle are in pain from my head to my toe on a 24/7 basis. Diagnosed with AS and fibromyalgia in 2019 and prescribed Cimzia. I've seen no improvement since placed on Cimzia. In fact, now I'm experiencing more stomach pain than before starting Cimzia. Also, I have experienced eye pain and jaw pain. Can only take Tylenol and Tramadol for pain as NSAIDS causes diverticulitis flares.

Does anyone out there have any success stories with other meds or biologics for AS pain? Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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