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Uveitis and A Caring Husband

For the past 4 days, my eyes are back to ground zero. All because of 1 of the 4 meds I take for uveitis and was denied by my insurance CO. It is the 1 eye drop that covers the outer layer of the eye ball to protect it from getting damaged further.

That 1 drop along with 1 of the others allows me to see almost normally.

I can barely see what I'm writing

So here I sit, taking hours just to type this out because it hurts to write or read. Of course I never did see things normally anyway - lol.

Four days of not being able to see very well & my daughter & grandchildren want to visit.

The good news about this eye situation is I almost forget that I'm in pain everywhere else too. But if you've ever had something stuck in your eye, u know it's frustrating getting it out.

With normal people, the tears will eventually get it out with in mins. Whoever said I was normal- haha. Imagine little hot rods of small picks stuck in your eyes, burning them and you can't do anything about it.

A sign and a good husband

Then I went to start the SUV, (I know, you're asking yourself "why are u doing trying to drive?") well I needed more Genteal, the only drops I can use anytime.

But God must of been looking out for me, (pun intended) because the SUV wouldn't start. All the lights came on, as did the flashers, radio, I'm thinking, "great, it's the starter or worse, the alternator."

My husband had to come from his "after work" coffee house he goes to, to come bring me to the store. I got 4 boxes of the drops, (not cheap, I tell u) but that just shows how much he loves me...

I wanted to make him 1 of his favorite desserts to show him I appreciate his thoughtfulness. But because I couldn't really see the recipe card, I gave up. And just when I gave up, he came and gave me a hug.

Positives and negatives

The point is, for 4 days I have experienced so much pain and frustration and anything else negative. Yet the positives are we, (hubby and I) seem to be getting to the point of more understanding and compassion.

And yes, even tho I spent the day crying and upset, I got 1 of the greatest hugs ever.
See, (again, pun intended) I'm learning to adapt more every day.

May God bless u all with seeing when u wake, whenever that is lol

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