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What's in your AxSpA flare toolkit? Share a photo with the community!

Everyone copes with AxSpA and symptom flare-ups different. Do you have a cozy cave, or place in your home where you go to feel better? What items or activities can help you feel better? If you're interested, share a photo of your AxSpA flare toolkit!

  1. Great idea to share tips and photos of our flare toolkit! Just to illustrate what I said in my article on that topic, here is a combination of things that makes me feel better while having a flare 😀 Bath salts, oils and cream for massage, painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, heat pad (of course), and things to nourish my mind and soul (books, movies, music and dark chocolate)

    1. When flaring from spondyloarthritis I tend to stay close to my bedroom. The kitchen is just off the bedroom making a quick grab of nutritious food doable during flares. My adjustable bed is the go-to when flaring - my head and legs elevated, relieving pressure from my pelvis and neck. Second, I grab ice to soothe the acute pain. I try not to reach for pills as my initial go-to as my other organs don't need to be taxed as well; only emergency tramadol or steroids if the flare seems to be worsening or not ending.

      My ToolKit consists of a plastic bin under the bed containing pain patches and a mini microwavable heat-/freezer-friendly cold pack, and a TENS unit, a large heating pad, and a neck/back massager plugged in and on the ready to soothe my pain.

      What is everyone else using? Rebecca

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