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What's in your AxSpA flare toolkit? Share a photo with the community!

Everyone copes with AxSpA and symptom flare-ups different. Do you have a cozy cave, or place in your home where you go to feel better? What items or activities can help you feel better? If you're interested, share a photo of your AxSpA flare toolkit!

  1. I usually keep a heating pad, microwaveable heat/cold pack, arthritis gloves, CBD bottle, my medications, food and drinks, pain cream, and some sort of distraction.

    1. I had never thought to prepare a flare toolkit until recently - when my most recent flare sent me to the ER.

      Since then - I made the conscious decision to prepare a toolkit to help both myself and my boyfriend have everything we need to assist my flare in one place.

      In my toolkit you can find -

      • A pill tray filled with the many different types of pain medication. I've been on NSAIDs for the good part of 11 years so I've built up quite a strong tolerance to most ofc meds and often have to seek stronger ones or combinations recommended by my Rheumy to help ease the flare and break the pain cycle.

      • A small Electronic Blanket because it's mainly my SI joints and Hips that are affected. Heat is my best friend for pain but the fevers during flares make it hard to use a full sized one.

      • Eye masks. I have one to block out light for when my eyes struggle with sensitivity and one that can be used like a cold pack because my SI pain travels up my spine and to a specific point behind my eyes and loves to trigger migraines.

      • Kinesiology Tape to tape up my feet to ease the Planter Fasciitis pain.

      And lastly - the most important...

      • My Medical Card that I created for myself if I do need to visit the ER as a result of the Flare-ups. The card explains my condition to the doctors and why I am most likely there and has all my details such as medications and my Rheumatologists contact details.

      This is all I have collected so far but I am looking to add a TENS device.

      Hope this helps ♡

      1. Great idea to share tips and photos of our flare toolkit! Just to illustrate what I said in my article on that topic, here is a combination of things that makes me feel better while having a flare 😀 Bath salts, oils and cream for massage, painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, heat pad (of course), and things to nourish my mind and soul (books, movies, music and dark chocolate)

        1. When flaring from spondyloarthritis I tend to stay close to my bedroom. The kitchen is just off the bedroom making a quick grab of nutritious food doable during flares. My adjustable bed is the go-to when flaring - my head and legs elevated, relieving pressure from my pelvis and neck. Second, I grab ice to soothe the acute pain. I try not to reach for pills as my initial go-to as my other organs don't need to be taxed as well; only emergency tramadol or steroids if the flare seems to be worsening or not ending.

          My ToolKit consists of a plastic bin under the bed containing pain patches and a mini microwavable heat-/freezer-friendly cold pack, and a TENS unit, a large heating pad, and a neck/back massager plugged in and on the ready to soothe my pain.

          What is everyone else using? Rebecca

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