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AxSpa symptoms and menstrual cycle

I have started to have pain in my left hip sometimes since beginning of Summer. It will be on and off, and worse at night or after the night, I could not lie on my side when it was painful. I am not sure this is related to a flare, as I rarely have these whilst being on Humira, and this was very localised to my hip and nowhere else in my body. It was episodic and I could not link it to a particular event at the time. I went to see a neurophysiotherapist for some nerve pain in my neck and shoulder, and I mentioned that hip pain. She did a thorough assessment and could not see any problem in the mobility of my hip. She gave me some strengthening exercises to do at home.
Then I had a very bad episode in December - I woke up with strong pain in my hip one morning, after doing nothing special on the day before. I took my dose of Humira that week as usual. This doesn't lead to any side effects after injecting myself. But, on that day I woke up with that hip pain, I had my periods. I have noticed with time that my periods affects me more physically by worsening my pain in my lower back, more fatigue and feeling a bit in a fog. So I thought that maybe this new pain in the hip that comes and goes could be linked to my hormone cycle. What happened beginning of December was a bit scary at I was limping for a couple of days and felt pain in my hip for a few days, then it went away without me doing anything apart from resting. So I started to note on my diary when this symptom occurs to notice any pattern. We will see with time. But I already think that my periods are affecting my symptoms in a way.
I would like to hear from people in the community who have experience some changes / new symptoms related to their menstrual cycle, and from anyone who can relate to my story, as this is new for me. I am particularly interested in reading any relevant resources, pieces of research you may know on this matter.
Thank you and take care, Julie ( team member).

  1. Hello Rebecca,
    It's nice to hear from you 😀 very best wishes with happiness and a good health in 2024!
    I am sorry you started to have hip tedious! And I know how debilitating it can be for walking too. I am glad you have some tests scheduled to get some answers and you managed to see the specialist as well.
    I have my annual review with the rheumatologist end of February, and an appointment with a neurologist the following day. So I will get examined and will discuss investigation regarding this left hip. I am looking forward to both specialist appointments, as it feels my hip pain is nerve related, I get shooting pain sometimes. Anyway, hopefully I will get some answers!
    Take care, Julie. (team member).

    1. Cheers to better health,

      The nerve pain through the hip and down the legs is terrible to manage. I was able to stay off my feet over the holidays which did help reduce the pain and inflammation quite a bit. I am walking upright again, as the only way to manage was to walk stooped over to avoid pinching the nerves. I will be seen Monday by a physician to review any changes that may be seen in imaging.

      I am sure adding another level of complication such as female issues, and overall discomfort can be incredibly difficult to manage.

      Hoping both physicians can help you pinpoint the area of concern, and you can manage to reduce and/or lessen the suffering from your menstrual cycles that is radiating throughout your back and hip.

      Sending thoughts of healing your way -
      Take care, Rebecca (comm moderator)

  2. - this is a great topic. I can truly relate to this. I am sorry to hear you are dealing with hip pain. It can make day-to-day activities impossible.

    Considering I am menopausal, I can't speak for menstruation and cycles that affect my AS. But, I had begun with right hip pain recently (Sept) to the point where I could not walk. I went to see a specialist and was told I have arthritis in that hip but not severe and it shouldn't be bothering me like it is. He didn't think it was my hip that was the culprit.

    I saw my rheumy about it and he said it could be my lumbar spine causing the hip to hurt so much. I am still limping and in pain. I have had issues with the lumbar spine in the past and have had some minor procedures. I have scheduled X-rays, an MRI, and a CT scan soon to find out if my spine is worsening. Have you had your spine evaluated recently? Hoping you find the root cause of your pain.

    Wishing you the best of 2024 - warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

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