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Brain Fog is an issue!

Now almost ten years into AS, people around me still do not understand Brain Fog as something many of us grapple with.

Recently our daughter and her husband visited us. I had bought two small speakers to pair with my playlist on my phone so I could listen to music in my art studio. Though I attempted to pair them with my phone, I was out of my depth. Just call me "Boomer"!

Our son-in-law worked with them and said 'Done!" Alrighty then. Today I tried to pair them with my phone playlist. I was completely demoralized. I have forgotten the next steps. Already.

It seems that Brain Fog is a real issue or is it because I am a Boomer? These kids wiz through the mundane issues and I am at a loss. I put the speakers away. . Maybe tomorrow or maybe never. I feel so defeated. Do others in our group experience Brain Fog? If patience is a virtue, I've lost mine.

  1. CherD, My brain fog was getting so bad, I was afraid. I was desperate, so I started fish oil that was recommended for brain fog. I have been on it for about 2 months, steadily and I keep getting better compared to 3 months ago. Huge improvement!
    Technology is overwhelming sometimes!

    1. I am glad you are seeing an improvement with the brain fog. I know it's the worst when dealing with this. Glad to hear you have found something that is helping.

      Nicky (Team Member)

    2. that's great advice! Thanks so much. I will definitely try this.

  2. I have struggled so many times trying to pair devices, - this whole smartphone, technical, computerized universe is a pain in the arse. I grew up when computers and technology were just coming about and I was just as perplexed back then as I am now.

    Usually, my computer is giving me problems, the SmartTV is on the blink, and the earphones not connecting, and I have no clue how to get them paired. My tolerance is limited as brain fog makes the situation 99% worse. I have to remind myself that despite the challenges, technology also brings convenience, connectivity, and opportunities that can enhance various aspects of our lives - if only it was easier to use. I just give up, as you did, and put the speakers or computer away. I truly understand your frustration. Brain fog, stress, fatigue, or medication side effects, definitely makes it difficult to process information, remember details, and engage with complex tasks such as what is needed when dealing with technology. Thought you'd enjoy these articles pertaining to brain fog and rising above the chaos. Wishing you well - Rebecca (community moderator)

    1. thank you so much for the validation. I'm so glad I grew up when I did! Those who do not understand
      Brain Fog just don't know how frustrating it is. But they will sadly never understand the Innocence we knew. What a time it was!

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