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Has anyone been prescribed the DMARD sulfasalazine throughout your journey?

I recently saw a rheumatologist who put me on the DMARD sulfasalazine delayed release tablets. Has anyone taken this drug and what was your experience with it?

  1. Hi Rebecca thanks for your response, for sharing and for the reminder that everyone is different. I am definitely aware that everyone's journey is different and even our own journey changes as years go by. Our bodies are quite fascinating. I hope you found something to help manage your symptoms that is more comfortable for you. I've read it can take 1-3 months to see the benefits of a DMARD. My mom is highly allergic to sulfa drugs so I was weary to try this one too, so far I'm dizzy and have/get headaches from it but haven't noticed any more side affects.

    My pain and symptoms have escalated greatly. I typically try to rely on naturopathic, holistic and homeopathic remedies, but I had to turn to western medicine due to the escalation in my symptoms. I don't have an official diagnosis yet, but I'm pretty sure (and also is my Naturopath) that I have non radiographic AxSpA. I see the Rheumatologist again later this month. My recent x-rays ordered by rheumatology showed a lot of findings. Hoping and praying for answers.

    1. Hi Pineapplejenny !

      Thanks for your imput on our site, we so appreciate you!

      I was prescribed the DMARD sulfasalazine for pain for my nr-AxSpa early last year by my rheumatologist. I switched from methotrexate to sulfasalazine because methotrexate really wasn't working well for me. I was diagnosed with IBS and sulfasalazine is noted to help with intestinal inflammation and pain. It contains 5-aminosalycylic acid, comparable to aspririn, and is known to decrease the inflammation in the lining of your intestines.

      My experience with sulfasalazine was short-lived. I am allergic to sulfas and this was an "iffy" move for me. But I was at the moment where I felt I would try anything to help with my escalating pain from axial spondylitis. This medication made my stomach feel off. I dont know if it was because I am allergic to sulfa and it made me nauseous or maybe it was from my IBS. But my stomach continually felt crampy and didnt control my intestinal symptoms very well at all. I think I lasted 4 months and decided I was through with DMARDs, at least for the moment.

      Please remember everyone is different when it comes to disease symptoms and treatments. What works well for one person may not work so well for another. When it comes to finding the answers for what works or not for you, please consult with your physician on a continuous basis so that you can get some long-term relief that it backed by medical data and accuracy. I wish you well.

      Rebecca ( moderator)

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