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Does anyone get spinal injections?

Do you get spinal injections? If so, do they help and which injections do you get?

  1. I've had cortisone injections for tennis elbow, and steroid injections in my lower back, but nothing in the spine. I'm terrified of the thought of that. Not sure why. I'm not needle phobic. I think it must have something to do with the nightmare stories I've heard about epidural injections.
    Having said that, I'd certainly have an injection in my spine if I needed to or if it were recommended.
    Steve - Community Advocate

    1. I have gotten injections in a few places, my neck, my lumbar area, my ankle, and my hands. The injections in my neck and lumbar at first lasted a few months, then began only lasting maybe 4- 6 weeks, then not at all - had surgery. The relief wasn't instant but it did lower my pain level a notch or two in the beginning. The ankle and hands are a different story. They were so painful and injections didn't help at all. Had surgery on them.

      1. I've never had any spinal injections, although I was forced to have a few steroid injections in my bum cheeks whilst I was flaring and awaiting diagnosis! It certainly wasn't the most ideal situation but it did help a lot with the pain and swelling!

        1. Thanks for sharing James! That's great that you got some relief! Do you stll get these injections? Ali (Community Member)

      2. I had steroid injections in my lumbar spine twice. The first time, I had a great response - the most pain relief I had experienced in 10 years...lasted 6 weeks. The second injection was a waste of money - no response.

        1. Oh wow really! I'm not sure what spine injections I will be starting but I'm presuming that it will be a steriod injection. That's crazy that you had such relief off one and nothing from the other, that must have been so dissapointing I'm sorry! Do the injects hurt a lot? I would imagine that they do. Ali (Community Member)

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