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Have you had problems having methotrexate filled because of the reversal of Roe vs. Wade?

While not debating or arguing whether you are for or against this recent ruling, has anyone dealt with problems having methotrexate filled because of the reversal of Roe vs. Wade?

If so, what was your experience? How did you handle the dilemma? Who was there to support you?

On June 24, 2022, Roe vs. Wade – the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that affirmed the constitutional right to abortion for every woman in the United States of America - was overturned, ending nearly 50 years of federal abortion rights. While a plentitude of protests flourish statewide, the effects of having this right taken from women nationally are being observed. One significant outcome is causing a major dilemma amongst those who need access to certain medications used for a number of medicinal reasons, but these are “connected to” or used in the procedure of abortion.

Medication used for chronic rheumatic illness and related pain, for example, are not being filled at pharmacies across the United States. Pharmacists are not filling prescriptions fearing they will be arrested, fined, lose their jobs, or even jailed. One of these medications is methotrexate, a very well-known, established, and trusted drug that helps in the treatment and maintenance of lingering severe pain from chronic diseases, but also in an ectopic pregnancy for one or miscarriage in another instance.

I’ve been prescribed this medication in the past and it works fairly well for both my rheumatoid arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis, though with bothering side effects I chose to move on to another DMARD (disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug). Learning that others whose health depends on this drug are unable to have their prescriptions filled in some cases breaks my heart knowing they are suffering and in grave pain through this tough battle. Please believe me when I say I wish I could stand with and fight alongside you at your pharmacy giving each one a louder voice, fighting for your right to be medicated, have less pain, and the choice to be well.

Crucial steps are being taken in the meantime. Pharmacies are warned that if they refuse to fill certain medications, namely methotrexate, they risk “violating civil rights law if they deny access to medication used in abortions under certain circumstances… according to HHS guidance issued to the nation’s 60,000 retail pharmacies.1” Not only is this dangerous for those relying on the medications, but it is also illegal for pharmacists to not fill scripts written for patients by physicians countrywide in the US. Albeit slow, this may be the counteractive step to get these patients their much-needed medications.

If you are struggling with your having your medication filled there are options available: Check out and their statement on methotrexate access at:<

  1. This is just so scary for people. I hope you’re all able to access your medicine.

    1. Hoping you are not having issues. YES very scary if you head to the pharmacy and they deny you meds. If issues ask your doctor to add the diagnosis codes to your prescriptions - Wishing you the best, Lisa. Rebecca (CCM&Advc)

  2. Please read - Are Abortion Restrictions Causing Treatment Roadblocks?

    1. there is no reason methotrexate would be denied. There's no effect on miscarriage or ectopic treatments. All this reversal did was send the issue back to the states.

      1. - It is causing problems.

        "Methotrexate is a cheap, common drug prescribed to millions of Americans. Like her, many have rheumatic illnesses. Others take it to treat inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis or cancer.

        Yet few are aware that it is used off-label to end ectopic pregnancies, or that it could be restricted by doctors or pharmacists even in states like Virginia that do not ban abortion.

        The reasons are numerous, and muddy."

        From the article I posted. Rebecca

      2. 400 -- "In Texas, dispensing methotrexate to someone who uses it to induce a miscarriage after 49 days of gestation is a felony; that makes pharmacists hesitant to fill such prescriptions for almost anyone with a uterus. A new total ban on abortion in Tennessee will effectively criminalize any medication that could disrupt pregnancy past the point of fertilization, with strict exceptions for a patient who will otherwise die. And in Virginia, confusion over rules about who is permitted to prescribe drugs “qualified as abortifacients” may be blocking access to the medication." Rebecca (comm advc)

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