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Are you HLA-B27 positive or negative?

I think its important to highlight that not everyone with AS is HLA-B27 positive. Let me know if you are positive or negative!

  1. Positive

    1. Thanks for sharing this. Has this put you on a path toward diagnosis and treatment or has your physician been slow in the process? I hope you are managing - Rebecca (team member)

  2. Positive

    1. positiv

    2. Sorry it seems your message was cut off. I hope you are well and that you've found an effective treatment plan. Rebecca (team member)

  3. negative

    1. Have you found this to be a deterrent in the diagnostic process and treatment? I hope not. Thanks for sharing. Rebecca (team member)

  4. Positive

    1. Wondering how you are feeling? Have you received a diagnosis of spondyloarthritis? Or are you in the process of diagnosis? Thanks for sharing your status - hoping that you are managing well enough. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (community moderator)

    2. thank you for sharing with us. How have you been feeling?

      Hope today is a good day for you sending you positive vibes,

      Nicky (Team Member)

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