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If you used Humira, how long did it take to work for you — any side effects?

I started humira a few years ago and came off it a few months later after bouts of shingles and infections. I fear it didn't work because I came off of it too quickly, and it scared me to using other drugs. My doc and I are chatting about cosentyx BUT I just got insurance, so I have to wait and see.

What was your Biologic/Humira experience? Did you ever get sick or have side effects? And how long until it worked?

I fully realize each experience is individual and that humira is a god-send for many. I'm just curious!

  1. Humira attacked my body. It was horrible. And painful. Next I was put on cosentex. It helped for almost a year. Now I have spots all over me. Head to toe . Itch like crazy. Just waiting to see what's next. My eyes I think.

    1. Hey Lisa!
      So I havent been on Humira. But I was on Cimzia and became very sick from it.
      I was on it for 3 months. It didnt help much with my pain or fatigue. I kept getting hives, headaches and feeling generally unwell all of the time. I ended up getting a week long migraine that ended up with me going to hospital as nothing would help ease the pain of this awful migraine.
      After my hospital visit, I was taken off Cimza. I felt so disheartened at the time. I thought I would never find the right meds for me.
      I am now on cosentyx nearly 6 months, and all I can say is wow! Yes I still have bad days and I still get tired. But I have my life back! I can now run, 6 months ago I could barely walk.
      I wish you the best with cosentyx my love x

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