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Is It AS or RA?

Just wondering how to know if it’s as or ra, been diagnosed with ra seronegative but also positive for the HLA-B27 antigen. Been in pain for years, back and joints. Tried different med including Humara with not much luck. Any insight will be helpful.

  1. Hey ,

    I'm afraid there is no real straight forward answer to this. I actually have been diagnosed with both RA and AS, so it is possible for someone to have both but at the same time it could be the case that a person might be misdiagnosed with one or the other!

    Have you ever done any further tests to check for signs of AS rather than testing for the HLAB27 gene? It may be worth asking if your rheumatologist could arrange some further imaging tests if not?

    I hope that you are able to get this all cleared up and find a treatment plan that gives you some much needed relief soon.

    Wishing you all the best,
    James (Community Member)

    1. I have wondered that myself. I have family members with RA but none have been diagnosed with AS except me.

      1. I've had x-rays and MRI'S that diagnosed both RA and AS. The MRI scans seem to tell a lot.

        1. I agree. I had done xrays and nothing was shown, until MRI helped me get a diagnosis.

          Nicky (Team Member)

      2. Hi @Bigweld
        I know it can be hard to know which is what. I know a rheumatologist can help with getting the right diagnosis with an MRI. As for biologics, this can be different with everyone. It can sometimes take more than one to try to see if it helps. I am right now on my fourth biologic and finally been on it for a year and 7 months. The longest one.

        How have you been feeling ?

        Nicky (Team Member)

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