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My Self-Care Routine/Tips

I am sure there are alot of articles out there about this topic, but I thought I would just share the things that make me feel better and any tips I can think of. I hope folks will respond with theirs, too. We can certainly all learn from each other. So, here are the things I do, some everyday and some particularly for a flare. I do 4 stretching exercises for AxSpA before I get out of bed every day. Three days a week I do Tai Chi for seniors by Don Fiore in the morning. He is on youtube and does exercise videos of different lengths and levels. I have no affiliation with him, by the way. 😀 I like him because he does simple exercises that are very low impact and he mirror images them so they are easy to follow. It's not a routine you have to learn, but a series of individual movement exercises. You can do them standing or sitting and never have to get on the floor. I do the 20 minute one. I also walk my dog (who walks faster than me at 5 pounds...sad) every day in the evening. I drink loads of water and eat a modified vegan diet (meaning I eat eggs). Nighttime, as you know, is difficult, so I do several splurgy things for myself here. I buy very, very soft cotton sheets...not sateen, but cotton or silk. I also buy my nightclothes at Belk (again, no affiliation), because they have several brands of very soft gowns and pajamas. I prefer short gowns that are easy on and off. I dont want to be aggravated by pants or shorts that get wrapped around me in the night. Belks sleepwear is very pricey but I get mine when they have ultra clearance sales. I sleep with a fan year-round. In winter, I just turn it away from me. The white noise really helps. I purchased a very firm mattress set with a lovely pillow top. I'm not a daytime napper, so I go to bed very early (around 7 central), and read or watch tv. About an hour before, I take my pain meds and sleep aid.
Sorry this turned out to be so long! Please post your ideas/routines. We are all in this together.

  1. Wow~! What an amazing routine you have, . I so wish I was committed more to improving my days. Most days I feel exhausted and find it difficult to start. I know I'd feel better if I did begin moving. I like the idea of 4 movements before getting out of bed, and actually wrote an article with reference to this. Have you seen it? Here's a link - I eventually want to make a video, but motivation has been low due to fatigue. I especially like your tip about soft nightgowns and not wearing things that bind one in bed at night. I have nerve damage due to issues with AS in my neck (and spine) and anything too rough is extremely annoying throughout the night, which keeps me up. Thanks for sharing this insight with us in the community. It's great to get a glimpse into what other routines are for managing healing and greater health by members of the site. Thanks! Warmly Rebecca (community moderator)

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