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What are your tips for preparing for a visit with your doctor?

Share your best tips for preparing for a doctor's visit when dealing with AS/AxSpa. Whether it's gathering medical history, noting down symptoms, or bringing up concerns, your insights can help others make the most of their appointments.

  1. Sheryl and I always discuss concerns each of us have before the appointment. Then when we get to the appointment, we each express them in turn. We are fortunate that my Rheumatologist will allow her in the appointment.

    1. Hi,
      I actually enjoy preparing for a doctor appointment, as it makes me do a review of how I have been, record any specific event or flare, when they happened and what I did to overcome it. I like going through my medical letters, appointments and reports I receive and note the important bit, in chronological order. At the end of that process, I can tell my story with highlights, key dates of events and new things I have tried or things I have used which work for me, as well as what I am missing to cope better with my symptoms. I think doing this gives me further confidence to speak to the doctor, and makes me focus on what matters to me based on my experience. I turn up at medical appointments with my notes and my pen, ready to write any answers, tips, suggestions. I think that makes me working well in partnership with the doctor and I feel more in control with the process, the review of the care plan and the actions to take to carry on making progress.
      Take care,

      1. I record positive and negative updates to share, questions to ask, referrals to request and bring something to read. Until COVID, my husband went with me to every visit. Even now, my rheum allows no support person to attend. So, I keep my hubby on speaker phone.

        1. I am glad you have an amazing support by your side and nothing but better than your hubby. It helps when you know you have someone by your side especially for your rheumy appointments. I bring my hubby also this way if i miss something he can be there to help me advocate a bit better.

          Hope you are having a great weekend.

          Nicky (Team Member(

        2. these are great tips. I think having someone with you makes a difference. I also bring my hubby to the appointments now, because I find listening to someone else that lives with you and see what you go through can help your rheumy understand a bit more. This is great that you have your hubby by your side for the support.


          Nicky (Team Member)

      2. Don't forget if your shoes have metal. That can get messed up.

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