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Have you taken up any new hobbies or activities since being diagnosed with AxSpa?

Being diagnosed with AxSpa can bring some major lifestyle changes. Many have to give up hobbies and activities important to them as they can no longer participate due to pain. On the flip side, many have found new hobbies and activities that they enjoy and work with their limitations.

Have you found any new hobbies since being diagnosed with AxSpa? Maybe your hobby can inspire another community member, so share below!

Read about finding a new hobby that works with your limitations here:

  1. I have wanted to take up crafting more, but the dilemma is that it hurts to sit prolonged so I often must stand to paint. I need an elite chair cushion! 😂🙌

    1. Hi, I'm working at a factory and have a hobbie that is making cake design at home for 10 years now. but in the last months it has been difficult to embrace everything... at the moment my body needs pilates, stretching and swimming and reconcile everithing is very difficult so I make less cakes lately...
      despite being on medication, I think it's not working, because I have a lot of pain and it's relief when I stop...
      Flávia 😉

      1. - You are not alone in this. Many who suffer from pain and fatigue from AxSpA find that they can do less and less when it comes to work, eventually applying for disability. I am so sorry to hear you are slowly losing the ability to create and decorate daily. Can you possibly consider working part-time or have you seen a physician lately to discuss this level of fatigue and pain - there may be a different medication that would work better for you. Please keep us apprised on your progress Rebecca (AxSpA team member)

    2. Reading! Especially on days where I have to listen to my body and take it easy, as long as I have my kindle I’m good!

      1. cooking is a new hobby of mine that I really didn’t embrace until recently. It took me a while after diagnosis to get my body back to a point of being able to cook (on good days) and now I’m really starting to enjoy something that I had very little interest in before. Because cooking is a highly sensory experience I find it can almost therapeutic for me. I never imagined I would come to truly enjoy cooking, but this is one positive change to my lifestyle that has developed since my diagnosis.

        1. I started painting as an Artist 8 years ago. It is my getaway. Lately, however,even sitting at my easel causes more pain within an hour. In the past two years, I have done 73 paintings. Sadly, pain and fatigue has really slowed me down. I now paint only on "good" days, which are fewer and farther between. It is just too physical.

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