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Overall stiffness

Hi All, just wanted to ask as this is all new to me. Do you experience stiffness? Stiffness in the hips, sacroiliac joints and spine to the point where you can't bend properly? I am and just when i thought i was "right" i bend to do something and then i experience these twinges. Not sure if this is normal so to speak. It's quite scary! I used to be more agile and mobile and now i am restricted and at times it feels like my bones are sandpaper. I'm sorry if there's another chat - i tried searching through the list

  1. Ill

    1. I walk dogs for 4 to5 times a day use yoga pose thatI I learn and massaager that given to to me it all helps

      1. Thanks for your comments!

        1. "Stiffness" is the hallmark of AS. My old Rheumatologist was only concerned about my stiffness, he used it as an indication of how well the medications worked. My new Rheumatologist is also concerned about my pain, so I like him a bit better...

          So what do you do about it? I start each day by walking my dog a couple miles, by the end of the walk, a lot of my stiffness is gone or tolerable. Gentle stretching, Pilates, mild Yoga, anything that gets your joints moving will help. Sitting because you are stiff just makes things worse.

          Besides, my personal opinion is that keeping your joints moving makes it harder for bone to grow over the joints...

          If you are not on meds for AS, then find a Rheumatologist to work with. I'm on Cosentyx & Sulfasalazine, which has helped a lot with the pain & stiffness...

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