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As this progresses do you start to have severe muscle spasms in back and rib cage area?

  1. Yes! In my glutes (especially min and med), at the hamstring insertion point (Ischial Tuberosity) and along my erector muscles (NEW: at the T-12 Junction) and intercostal muscles.

    1. I experience these as well! They began getting worse for me within the last year. Wearing bras or snug shirts or sweaters can be so painful and it is so hard to explain to others. There is so much pain along with the spasms and it can really throw a person off.
      You are not alone in this.

      1. Spasms are common a symptom with the many forms of arthritis, especially inflammatory arthritis. I deal with them as well full body. Here's some info on the topic and some ways to relieve it. "The Cleveland Clinic recommends gently stretching and massaging the affected muscle, and keeping it in a stretched position until the spasm or pain subsides." Best of wellness. Rebecca (team member)

        1. I have intermittent muscle spasms in my feet and toes. I used to have muscle spasms in my ribs until I found a biologic that (mostly) works for me. Those were the WORST. I find stretches help to prevent those.

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