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Physical Therapy for Ankylosing Spondylitis?

I recently slipped on a water spill at our local mall. It resulted in PT, starting in water. I feel as if my as pain is worsening, I’m unable to get much relief. I’ve had 5 appts with 5 more to go. Not sure if I should continue. Has anyone else done PT with AS?

  1. I am in PT right now and it feels great, both during and for several hours after and no increased pain. I do their gentlest warm water sessions. Does your PT seem familiar with AS? Are you letting them know if something feels like too much? I don’t do anything that causes discomfort.

    1. Hey there Rhonda!

      I'm so sorry PT isn't working for you. I had a very similar experience. The first rheumatologist I saw sent me to PT because she did not believe I actually had AS. I do suffer from DDD as well, so she thought that was the source of my pain.

      I also began in aquatic therapy and I felt the same way. The pain seemed to actually worsen, and after 3 sessions I went and saw a spine specialist. A week later I was diagnosed with AS by a different rheumatologist. They had me stop and I haven't been back since.

      If you haven't already, I definitely think it would be a great idea to let your doctor know how it's going and maybe he/she can decide whether or not to continue or discontinue treatment.

      Best of luck to you! -Katie, Team Member

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