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Tips for a Better Sleep

Sleep is a crucial aspect of managing AS/AxSpa, yet many of us face sleep troubles due to pain and discomfort. Let's discuss how AS/AxSpa affects your sleep patterns and share tips and strategies that have helped you achieve a better night's rest. What works for you in managing pain-related sleep disturbances, and do you have any sleep hygiene practices or products that have made a difference? Share your experiences and insights on improving sleep quality, and let's help each other get the rest we need to thrive with AS/AxSpa.

  1. This is exactly how I am at times it wears you down, I leave it with God

    1. I use a meditation app called Insight Timer which has lots of free things for those who don’t want to sign up. Yoga nidra is aimed at relaxation, the only thing that takes my pain go away and helps me go to sleep.

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        That's great to hear!
        I'm glad you have found a few things that have not only helped with sleep but pain relief and relaxation as well.
        Thanks so much for sharing.
        ~Doreen (Team Member)

    2. I pray until I fall asleep.

      1. So sorry to hear you are going through this too. I love sleep. There’s a (funny) photograph of me sleeping on my wife’s delivery bed in the maternity ward whilst she’s sitting next to me, heavily pregnant, and rolling her eyes.

        That was many years ago and it feels like it’s been an eternity since I last got a good night sleep. After years of AS I haven’t found anything that’s helped me to sleep through the night. Like you, I struggle to sleep due to severe pain and stress. Anxiety and panic attacks during the wee hours have been a real issue for me. I hate that it keeps my partner (and sometimes kids) up during the night and impacts her during her working day. I haven’t been able to work for two years due to illness so my partner is working ridiculously hard to make ends meet. I can see it having an impact on her health due to lack of quality sleep.

        I need to keep tabs on this post as I would really love to try any suggestions that others find useful. I hope you’re OK and take some comfort knowing you are not alone…

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          Thanks for sharing your story.
          You are truly blessed to have such an amazing and supportive partner.
          Please know we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts.
          ~Doreen (Team Member)

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