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Has anyone tried Tai Chi?

My consultant recommended that I try to practice Tai Chi.
Im just wondering if anyone else is practising Tai Chi?
I felt a bit silly at first, but after time I now love it!

  1. I would love to try Tai Chi - does anyone have a program or special site they use? I am recovering from spine surgery and feel it's about time therapy and movement become a daily occurrence. TIA. Rebecca (Community Advocate)

    1. Hi!
      Yes I have practiced Tai Chi in physiotherapy sessions for people with AxSpa. It seems to be a great activity for us to do to build some strengths in our posture muscles without the risk of overdoing it. I have worked with different physiotherapists who used Tai Chi exercises during their session, and we even did some Tai Chi in the hydrotherapy pool! So, if you now like , go for it!! Enjoy 😀

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