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Uveitis - does it become less frequent over time?

I've just read an interesting article from another member, about their experiences with uveitis. They mentioned that the attacks are less frequent these days.
It got me wondering about AS and uveitis because my bouts are less now. Is that the case for most of us? Does the uveitis flare in the early years but then fall away?

  1. Hi! I've actually wondered about this. My first uveitis flare up was about 2 years ago (it was also the first presenting symptom of nr-AxSPA. I'm wondering how you and others have managed chronic uveitis other than a biologic? I have been on one pred forte eye drop per day to manage the inflammation, but it has caused my eye pressure to increase which can lead to glaucoma. Trying to navigate the middle ground and looking for any advice anyone has. Thanks!

    1. Hi Steve - thanks for the forum question. It's definitely a good one! I think with medication uveitis could occur less frequently (since the inflammation is controlled), according to science journals. For me, it sort of happened a bunch for a few years then (knock on wood!) altogether sort of stopped. I do not miss it and would never want to experience it again. So, yeah, it was the reason I was diagnosed with AS to begin with and started happening early in my AS days then went away. So bizarre.

      1. This makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Since starting my biologic, my eye symptoms don't get as bad but every time I have a flare-up they are more irritated. I never put this together before, thanks.

        1. Keegan (husband with AS) says that his uveitis got better once he got on a biologic, Humira. However, every flare-up he has brings on uveitis symptoms pretty severely. It's actually one of the first things I notice when he's about to go into a flare-up. (Usually, it looks like he's having bad allergy issues.) Having a good pair of sunglasses is critical!

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