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Uveitis - does it become less frequent over time?

I've just read an interesting article from another member, about their experiences with uveitis. They mentioned that the attacks are less frequent these days.
It got me wondering about AS and uveitis because my bouts are less now. Is that the case for most of us? Does the uveitis flare in the early years but then fall away?

  1. Hi Ali. I am, I'm on Enbrel. I think. Would you believe I forget which ones I inject? It's got to be an age thing. Anyway, it seems to work for the most part. And I haven't had a sever bout of uveitis for some time now. Fingers crossed.
    I hope you are keeping well too.
    Steve - Community Advocate
    PS - I am so tempted to sign off with Community Avocado. Do you reckon anyone would notice? 😀

    1. Hey ☺️ Lucky I don’t get uveitis (touch wood) but I know that biologics help it! Are you on biologics?

      Hope you are keeping well,
      Ali (Community Member)

      1. Hi - I had 2 episodes of uveitis before being stable on an effective treatment plan for AxSpA/AS with biologics and DMARDs. I haven't had a recurrence. Not sure about others, though. Rebecca

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