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How does the weather or seasonal changes affect your AxSpA/AS?

Do changes in the weather or seasonal changes affect your AxSpA or AS? Are there particular seasons, types of weather situation, or climates that ease or exacerbate your symptoms?

  1. This was my first winter with AS/AXSPA and I do find on the colder days my pain is more intense! and I am more intense.

    1. I think for me is cold and humid. I feel more sore and rigid

      1. Yes!! Strong storms have begun moving through - with low pressure systems and warm winds from the gulf colliding! It's not just a weather ALERT day, it's a whole body ALERT DAY!!

        1. Cold Definitely - now that the heat of summer is coming I am hoping it will be tolerable relief from the pain.

          1. Hi , thank you for commenting and letting us know that the heat is more tolerable! It seems like every patient has their own unique seasonal triggers. -Matt (Team Member)

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