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How do seasonal changes affect your AxSpA/AS?

Do changes in the weather or seasonal changes affect your AxSpA or AS? Are there particular seasons, types of weather situation, or climates that ease or exacerbate your symptoms?

  1. I struggle with low pressure systems. The cold rainy days are the worst!

    1. Those are definitely the worst for me as well. Hoping you have warmer brighter days as the New Year rolls in. Rebecca

  2. summer is the best to me! Heat, movement, swimming, sunlight, dopamine. Winter can be more beautiful and make me stiff. Rainy cold climates are bad.

    1. Salt air is my salvation.

      1. For me, any extreme weather can trigger worse symptoms or flare-ups. If it's too hot or too cold, I am in worse pain and discomfort. Living near the Great Lakes is both a blessing and a curse. While there are beautiful bodies of water to visit and admire, they also contribute to worsening humidity and cold. The weather largely impacts what kind of AS day I will be having.

        1. yes I also live near the Great Lakes and I can confirm all you said!!!

        2. I grew up in Buffalo near the Great Lakes. I couldn't imagine living there now. The dry heat of the southwest makes me feel much much better in relation to my spondyloarthropathy. I totally understand both your's and @AnnaSamsom's symptoms of severe flare-ups due to extreme weather. Warmly, Rebecca

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