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What do you do to treat yourself?

I mean, as in a treat for yourself - a trip out, a special meal, that sort of thing.

  1. I think it depends a lot on how my body is feeling as to how I decide to treat myself. If my inflammation is low and I have a lot of spoons to spare I will cook myself my favourite Italian dish which is Parmigiana Di Melanzane. It has a tonne of cheese which I find doesn't do my inflammation any good and takes a good hour and a half to make so I definitely have to be in the right place to do this!

    But if my body is struggling a bit I might treat myself to a guilt free day in bed watching Netflix or playing video games.

    I really want to start doing a bit more outdoors treats to myself now I am vaccinated after spending so much time hiding indoors. Unfortunately my area of South London is a lot less pretty than your area by the looks of it so I will have to do a bit of research into finding nice places to do that in!

    1. How are you feeling after getting the booster? I will be due for mine in January and not looking forward to it as both vaccines put me down for 10+ days with severe pain and fatigue. Definitely rest over the weekend. Video games, Netflix, or reading are always good when low-key activity is prescribed.

    2. Pretty good actually! Like the other two times the only side affect that I can really feel is a bit of a painful arm. But if I avoid sleeping on that side or prodding it to check if still hurts then I can get by fine!

      Sorry your jabs took it out of you for so long! Which type of vaccine did you get? I hope when your third one comes around in January it is a lot more gentle on your body!

      I definitely prescribed myself a weekend on Netflix and naps! How was yours? Did you manage to recharge your batteries a bit?

  2. - I am in the US. We just love the fresh fish pulled from the ocean. East coast, which is where I am from originally, was made of a haddock white fish. Now living close to the west coast they make it from Alaskan cod or tilapia or even Whiting which are light and flakey tasting fish. But I love the beer batter fish frys - adds a twist of flavor I so enjoy. I hope to one day visit the UK - That picture says it all - summer, beach, fish fry - just lovely! Rebecca

    1. I like to treat my husband and myself by planning a Friday fish fry up at the lake close to home. The drive is relaxing (if he drives) and the atmosphere at the lake is serene.

      1. That sounds so good. I'm guessing you are in the US. Fish fry up in the UK usually means forming an orderly queue outside the local chip shop, ordering cod and chips with mushy peas, then home before it gets cold. Having said that, the best fish and chips are the ones my wife and I eat whenever we visit our hometown in Broadstairs, Kent. I was born a little further along the coast, but Broadstairs is where most of my wife's family live. If ever you visit the UK, visit Broadstairs. Their fish and chips are probably the finest in the whole of the UK. We always buy rock salmon and chips then go and sit on a bench looking out over Viking Bay to eat them. Here's a photo of the bay so you can see what we see.
        Enjoy your fish Fridays.
        Steve - Community Advocate
        Viking Bay by day. The big house on the hill was once the holiday home of Charles Dickens

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