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What is a flare to you?

I hear people indicate flares but what does that actually mean? Sometimes in the last year, I have had incidents where my back was so bad that I was in bed for 3 weeks and could not stand up straight. I have also had a couple of days where things were just really sore and fatigue was awful. I have also been fine in the evening but then I wake up with miserable pain that came from no where and lasted for the day. Are they all considered flares or is there specific criteria for a flare? Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi suzy I do have a number for rheumatology at hull Royal 9am to 11am. It takes me 2 hour to wake up so miss the times lol. Thing is I ring and they take about 4 to 5 days to reply its no there fault. But I'm still on them. To sort it out. Hope ur well.

    1. I hope you get to see a doctor soon , I know everything seems to be taking so much longer at the moment . I am under a rheumatologist at the hospital and if I get into difficultly I phone the rheumatology help line , they usually get me in to see a nurse or doctor who then drains the knee which feels like a miracle after lol . I find even after doing frozen peas and elevating it the fluid still remains for weeks so getting it drained usually is the only way forward so to speak . I hope your injections help . I’m starting Enbrel injections soon so keeping my fingers crossed they help .
      Blessings to you .

      1. How is everyone.

        1. How is your week going ? How are you feeling? -Nicky (Team Member)

        2. I'm doing well today, thanks for asking! How are you? -Anthony (Team Member)

      2. Much better now. Thanks! Love the support in this group. People who actually understand me !! My family is supportive but I don’t think you understand this unless you actually have it.

        1. So glad to hear you are feeling better and yes we are always here for anything you need. I can agree this is a very understanding and supportive group and community. Sending you hugs, Nicky (Team Member)

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