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Alternative/Natural/Holistic Treatments for AS

Hey Friends,

Just wondering if anyone has tried and found success (or at least relief) from natural or alternative therapies? I feel like allopathic medicine can only take me so far, and honestly hasn't really helped all that much. So I'm keen and open to trying literally ANYTHING else that may help...

For instance- Has anyone tried Biofeedback? Did it help?

Juice cleanses?
Functional medicine?

... fecal transplants??

Let me know! It would be great to talk about these options.

  1. I have a whole drawer full of gadgets and whoopdidoops designed to help. I call it my BDSM drawer. Some things help a bit, others not at all.

    I have tried and had success with accupuncture, qi gong, a clean plant-based diet, and a solid TENS unit. I did massage for years but it started to make things worse. But the thing that has worked miracles for both my father (also has AS) and I is something called the MELT method. It has been a game changer. I still have to take meds but I am more mobile and in less pain than I have been in years. It may not be for everyone, depending on severity of your disease, but I would recommend a look. MELT Method by Sue Hinzmann. You can find some demos on YouTube but she also has a subscription with exercises.

    Good luck!

    1. I'm so glad to hear you've found something that's giving you real results, that's awesome to hear!

      I've tried so many things over the years too (with varying degrees of success) but I've never heard of MELT so you've got me curious! I will definitely be googling that shortly.

      I love how you highlight in your comment that not only do different things work for different people, but that an approach that works for us for a while might need changing up once it loses its effectiveness. I've definitely had the same experience where a certain dietary approach worked brilliantly for me until it didn't, so I had to change.

      For that reason I'm always on the look out for ideas, and I really appreciate you bringing something new to my attention. I hope MELT continues to bring you and your father relief for many years to come!

      Best wishes
      Anne-Marie (Patient Leader)

      PS You did make me laugh with the description of your drawer, love to know your sense of humour is still intact!!

    2. Thank you for this tip 🙌🏾. It goes hand and hand with myofascial release sessions that I’m doing weekly. I feel great afterwards but still a lot of work to do.

  2. Hey , great post and I have enjoyed reading what others have found helpful in easing their symptoms . I have had acupuncture before but I can’t say I found it that helpful although I would try it again but with a different person . I love reflexology and luckily my mum has been qualified in this for 30 years and she is really good at it . I have given diets and herbs a go in the past too . I guess I can’t say there is one magic answer for me but maybe a combination of things that have helped . At the moment I swim regularly , go to Pilates and have started hypnotherapy sessions so fingers crossed . I would like to join a mediation group as I feel like this would defiantly help in managing any stress which in return would help me to relax . The hypnotherapist I have seen sent me some useful relaxation recordings which I really enjoy listening to . I may try another diet that others have tried and see if this is another thing that could help too . Thanks again , Wishing all well .

    1. Hi , thanks for the post - the replies have been really interesting! I recently posted about intermittent fasting, which I initially did for blood sugar control (and it worked wonders), but it has also had some positive effects on my AS management.

      There's a tonne of research into the anti-inflammatory mechanisms behind fasting, so I think it should be part of a wider discussion with any inflammatory condition. I've been doing an 18:6 fast for a few weeks now. The first thing I noticed was my GI symptoms like tummy pain and bloating eased up within a matter of days. Like many people, I experience hellish fatigue but I'm now enjoying energy levels I haven't had in years. It's like getting caffeine through IV, all thanks to some (albeit strict) diet changes!

      The "fluey" and run down feeling is persistent as ever, but I have greater mental energy and my energy reserves are up for sure.

      1. I'm having luck on the Paddison Program. It is very hard to follow but if I'm in pain I go back to it ASAP and it helps.

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