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Anyone else have taste and appetite changes?

As soon as I got my first infusion, my taste changed. I described many things as tasting like “dirty lake water”. It use to last for a week or so and has decreased in time as I continue treatment. Tomatoes and avocados taste rotten, apple juice tastes like dust… so I gravitate towards strong spices and flavors usually.
But I also noticed flares and pain impact my appetite and taste as well!
Wasn’t sure if anyone has experienced this?

  1. Thanks, , for starting this forum. What a great question. Over the few years I've been moderating here, I've heard a few community members mention a change in taste or loss of appetite after having undergone biological infusion. I myself haven't had this change. However, it's not uncommon for some individuals to experience taste and appetite changes as a result of biological infusions for conditions like spondyloarthritis. These side effects can vary from person to person and may be influenced by the specific medication you're receiving. If you're experiencing these changes and they become bothersome, it's essential to communicate this with your healthcare provider. They can offer guidance on managing these side effects or explore potential alternative treatments if necessary. Do you find these symptoms too overwhelming or are you dealing with them okay? I am interested in other community members' responses. I will swing back around and see if others chime in. Thoughtfully, Rebecca (community moderator)

    1. thanks for this insight! It’s not terribly bothersome usually. I gravitate towards foods that sound good and try to just follow my appetite, even if it’s odd. Like since being off NSAIDS, I’ve been craving salt which I usually don’t consume. So a bag of chips here and there to help navigate symptoms isn’t the worst.
      It’s been worse this last week than ever before. All I want is Mexican food haha the spices and flavors work for my current pallet. At least until my new NSAIDS are adjusted.
      Also my new infusions were finally working… so I guess I have to consider the cost and benefits.

    2. - I understand that cravings can sometimes be your body's way of signaling what it needs, like the salt cravings you mentioned. Mexican food can indeed offer a variety of spices and flavors that might be appealing to your palate right now. I deal with cravings on a daily basis as well, and mostly crave salt, not sugar or sweets.

      It's encouraging to hear that your new infusions were finally working. Balancing the costs and benefits of different treatments can be a complex decision. Still, it's essential to work closely with your healthcare provider to find the best approach for managing your condition. Have you continued this regimen to help with symptoms of spondyloarthritis?

      Flares and pain can indeed impact appetite and taste; this is not uncommon. Chronic pain and inflammation can have various effects on your overall well-being, including your eating habits. Some people find it helpful to opt for softer or more easily digestible foods when they're experiencing flares, as they can be gentler on the digestive system. It's also important to ensure you get the nutrients to support your overall health.

      When I get a flare and have high pain I tend to reach for easy foods like fruits and vegetables, yogurt, granola, cereal, and chips, and have absolutely no appetite for bigger meals. I hope you find that you can eat smaller nutritional and simpler meals without the rotten taste. Wishing you well. Rebecca (community moderator)

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